I recommend Ms. Kat to anyone that wants to learn to ride. After years of riding, Kat has made some adjustments and I am now doing things I only dreamed of doing. She has given me confidence by believing in me. Just beginning or want to improve, call Kat, she will help you!

Melissa Roberts

I just have to brag on Mrs. Kat! I have ridden with her for nearly 11 years I believe and recently had to leave as I moved to Texas in March. Because of her teaching, I have been able to successfully find a similar barn that offers what I'm looking for as a growing student, as well as prove myself as a new beginner's trainer for this facility! There's no way this barn will amount to what Horsefleet Academy has to offer, but I was taught how to recognize good horse people when I see them! I will also be their new horse trainer, and have several to start working with. There's no way that I could have found this opportunity if it wasn't for what I learned from Kat Wiggins! I'm gonna show them how WE do it!

Lauren Shanks

HorseFleet Academy is a great place to learn how to ride. The instructor Kat is wonderful, she is patient, calm and always cheers for me when I am able to do what she taught me. I know she does this all the time and still she makes me feel like I'm her only student. She is the perfect insructor for somebody like me who is just approaching formal riding lessons for the first time but I know she is just as great with students of higher level. The stable is always clean and the horses are well taken care of. When I leave the Academy, after my lesson, I always feel relaxed and proud of the things I learned. I would recommend this place to anybody!

Groupon Customer

Love Kat, she is awesome and I am loving my lessons! Couldn't ask for a more knowledeable or patient teacher.

Living Social Customer

The April Clinic was a very interesting one, to say the least. I loved being able to see Megan again and it was great to meet her horse Riley. Our ride (with Q) was one that was needed; we learned and experienced new things. While we didn't canter, it was awesome to work on perfecting the trot and work out the little kinks that are a must. It was also very refreshing when we had to work on encouraging Q to focus on what we were doing inside the arena rather than outside it was overall a wonderful experience.

Lauren Shanks

The last clinic was amazing and Neelix was the perfect little pony and we worked on new and exciting things. It was really fun and I can't wait for the next one.

Zoe Lennox

The April Clinic was amazing. I love the fact that Ms. Kat pushed me and boosted my confidence to make me jump an oxer. It was very scary at first but all I needed was the push but I did it. And now thanks to Ms. Kat, I am practicing at home with Riley and we are doing great. I would love to do the one in May and can't wait.

Megan Pagliughi

Probably the best ride I've had in a long time. The clinic and Kat's comments focused on all those pieces in the puzzle that I'm trying to keep working together. Demanding, but I was proud of Sadie and yeah, proud of the hard work I've put in as well. I see improvements and that's always a good feeling. Onward and upward, and thanks Kat for being such a great instructor.

Suzanne Price

I started riding as a senior in high school, when I could afford the lessons on my own, and since I went out of state for college, I really could only ride during the summers. Each summer I was home for college I would find a new instructor because I was never completely happy with the one I had the year before. That is until I met Kat three years ago (maybe four; time flies when you are having fun)!

Kat works one-on-one with each student taking only private lessons. Having taken mostly group lessons before, I had a lot of unchecked bad habits to unlearn! She worked patiently with me undoing my bad habits. She also listened to my personal goals then worked with me to reach them and gently pushed me beyond them. She is not interested in the number of ribbons her students take home, the saddle they ride in, or the brand boots he/she wears. She is only interested in making each student a more confident rider. Her horses are not push-button, they have a spirit and personality. There is no faking it at Horsefleet! If you are not a confident rider going into Horsefleet, you will be when you leave (if you ever do).

As my time in Florida comes to an end, I find myself not only leaving behind a great riding instructor, but a close friend. Kat goes beyond being a riding instructor; she truly cares about each of her students, young and old and we all have become a family. Like the best instructors, for Kat, teaching is not just an income it is a passion. Kat teaches from the heart and that is hard to come by! There are many good instructors out there; Kat is one of the rare GREAT ones!

Vanessa Miller

I came to Kat Wiggins as a "senior citizen" student; I''d ridden regularly during high school and college, but for the past thirty years I''ve had time for occasional trail rides only. With retirement came the opportunity to resume a life-long love affair with horses and with riding.

Kat welcomed me not as a "senior," but as a person wanting to learn. She met me at my level, empathized with my insecurities, helped me to set goals, and gently and wisely kept raising the bar. Kat is a gifted instructor!

If you think you''re too old to begin or resume riding lessons, think again. Being with Kat at Horsefleet Academy has opened up a brand new world to me. In fact, just yesterday I purchased my very own dressage saddle!

Suzanne Price

As an adult beginner student, I have quickly learned that riding is not as simple as just sitting on the back of a horse. With Kat''s instruction, I feel confident that I am learning the proper techniques of horseback riding.

She is teaching me not only the correct body alignment and balance, but the correct body language so that the horse understands what I am asking it do without voice commands. I also enjoy the relaxed atmosphere during my lessons. That has made it a fun and leisurely activity to do.

I would highly recommend Horsefleet Academy.

Jade Eaves

Ms. Kat Wiggins is truly a gifted rider and instructor. With her patience and understanding I have overcome my fear of riding. I had a bad experience several years ago at another farm and with her help and patience riding has become an enjoyable experience again.

Whether you are a beginner or "getting back in the saddle" Kat will help you acheive your goals. I highly recommend Horsefleet Academy to anyone who has a desire to learn to ride.

Shelley Matthews

Mrs. Kathy [Kat] Wiggins is an amazing equine instructor. Her ability to adapt each lesson to the rider’s experience and confidence level makes her one of a kind.

Whether she is coaching an experienced rider or an apprehensive first timer, she is sure to bring him/her to the next level and beyond. Her experience and creativity combined with patience and understanding is second to none.

Each lesson is provided on a one-on-one basis and is tailored to the rider’s ability. Each rider gets maximum attention and learns at his/her own pace.

Riders who have experienced unpleasant situations can overcome their fear, learn to be in control and enjoy once again the pleasures of riding.

Mrs. Kathy [Kat] Wiggins is truly gifted in the art of equine tutoring.

Brigitte McDermott

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